Tumor attributes predicting cutaneous metastatic destiny: a report of two interesting cases.

Research paper by Ravichandran R Gurumurthi, Raja R Thirumalai, Jose M JM Easow, Subhashini S Mohan

Indexed on: 30 Jul '14Published on: 30 Jul '14Published in: Indian journal of dermatology


Cutaneous metastases are the result of complex interaction between the tumor cells ("seed") and the host environment ("soil"). Metastases to the skin can be an early sign of internal malignancy or represent recurrence of the primary tumor and portends a poorer prognosis. Invasion and metastasis are the hallmarks of on cogenesis. Skin is the largest organ in the body, but the incidence of metastases is low. With advances in molecular biology, factors responsible for the initiation and perpetuation of metastatic tumor cells at distant sites are being elucidated. The concept of "pre-metastatic niche" and interaction between various chemokines has given a new outlook in understanding the organ specificity of metastatic tumor cells. We present two cases of cutaneous metastases with interesting clinical findings correlating with its biologic subtypes.