Tuberculosis should not be ignored in patients with peripheral gangrene.

Research paper by Yuan Y Yao, Bin B Liu, Ji-bo JB Wang, Hua H Li, Hong Da HD Liang

Indexed on: 17 Sep '10Published on: 17 Sep '10Published in: Journal of Vascular Surgery


Peripheral gangrene, characterized by distal ischemia of the extremities, is a rare complication in patients with tuberculosis (TB). We diagnosed a female patient with gangrene of her left toe caused by TB infection. She presented with fever, lymphadenectasis, and peripheral gangrene of the left toe. Lymph node biopsy confirmed tuberculous lymphadenitis and the computer tomography angiography showed vasculitis. The patient underwent antituberculous therapy and her condition was gradually improved. Although it is rare, TB should be considered as a possible cause of peripheral gangrene.