Trmt61B is a methyltransferase responsible for 1-methyladenosine at position 58 of human mitochondrial tRNAs.

Research paper by Takeshi T Chujo, Tsutomu T Suzuki

Indexed on: 26 Oct '12Published on: 26 Oct '12Published in: RNA (New York, N.Y.)


In human mitochondria, 1-methyladenosine (m¹A) occurs at position 58 of tRNA(Leu(UUR)). In addition, partial m¹A58 modifications have been found in human mitochondrial tRNA(Lys) and tRNA(Ser(UCN)). We identified human Trmt61B, which encodes a mitochondria-specific tRNA methyltransferase responsible for m¹A58 in these three tRNAs. Trmt61B is dominantly localized to the mitochondria. m¹A58 formation in human mitochondrial tRNA(Leu(UUR)) could be reconstituted in vitro using recombinant Trmt61B in the presence of Ado-Met as a methyl donor. Unlike the cytoplasmic tRNA m¹A58 methyltransferase that consists of an α2β2 heterotetramer formed by Trmt61A and Trmt6, Trmt61B formed a homo-oligomer (presumably a homotetramer) that resembled the bacterial homotetrameric m¹A58 methyltransferase. The bacterial origin of Trmt61B is supported by the results of the phylogenetic analysis.