Triangulated categories with cluster-tilting subcategories

Research paper by Wuzhong Yang, Panyue Zhou, Bin Zhu

Indexed on: 12 Nov '17Published on: 12 Nov '17Published in: arXiv - Mathematics - Representation Theory


Let $\C$ be a triangulated category with a cluster tilting subcategory $\T$. We introduce the notion of $\T[1]$-cluster tilting subcategories (also called ghost cluster tilting subcategories) of $\C$, which are a generalization of cluster tilting subcategories. We first develop a basic theory on ghost cluster tilting subcategories. Secondly, we study links between ghost cluster tilting theory and $\tau$-tilting theory: Inspired by the work of Iyama, J{\o}rgensen and Yang \cite{ijy}, we introduce the notion of $\tau$-tilting subcategories and tilting subcategories of $\mod\T$. We show that there exists a bijection between weak $\T[1]$-cluster tilting subcategories of $\C$ and support $\tau$-tilting subcategories of $\mod\T$. Moreover, we figure out the subcategories of $\mod\T$ which correspond to cluster tilting subcategories of $\C$. This generalizes and improves several results by Adachi-Iyama-Reiten \cite{AIR}, Beligiannis \cite{Be2}, and Yang-Zhu \cite{YZ}. Finally, we prove that the definition of ghost cluster tilting objects is equivalent to the definition of relative cluster tilting objects introduced by the first and the third author in \cite{YZ}.