Treatment Guidelines for Classic and Non-Ulcer Interstitial Cystitis

Research paper by R. Peeker, M. Fall

Indexed on: 01 Feb '14Published on: 01 Feb '14Published in: International Urogynecology Journal


Interstitial cystitis (IC) is a chronic disease of as yet unknown etiology. It commonly affects females, presenting with symptoms of pain on bladder filling, and urinary frequency. Accumulated evidence indicates that IC is a heterogeneous syndrome. Compared to classic IC, the non-ulcer type appears different concerning symptomatic, endoscopic and histological findings, as well as the response to various forms of treatment. This review gives an introduction to the syndrome of IC, concerning epidemiology, clinical characteristics, diagnostic criteria and etiological considerations. A variety of treatment modalities have been suggested and are assessed and reviewed, such as hydrodistension of the bladder, intravesical instillation therapy, oral medication, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, transurethral resection of diseased bladder tissue, and supratrigonal cystectomy followed by enterocystoplasty and urinary diversion. Our algorithm on non-surgical and surgical treatment for classic and non-ulcer IC is presented.