Treatment and outcome of open dislocation of the ankle with complete talar extrusion: a case report.

Research paper by Marco M Breccia, Marco M Peruzzi, Luana L Cerbarano, Marco M Galli

Indexed on: 17 Apr '14Published on: 17 Apr '14Published in: The Foot


Open total talar extrusion is a severe, disabling ankle injuries. The most appropriate treatment (reimplantation versus talar body removal and tibiocalcaneal arthrodesis) is still a controversial challenge; outcomes and fearful potential complications are not predictable.To report the case of an open ankle dislocation with talar extrusion, focusing on treatment modality and outcomes.Immediate reduction, surgical debridement and external fixation were performed under antibiotic coverage. Wound closure was achieved with accurate debridement, postoperative strict clinical surveillance and meticulous handling of medications. The patient maintained external fixator for three weeks, then kept non-weight bearing with a cast for an additional four weeks.The patient's wound healed with no complications. Full weight-bearing was gained at 12 weeks postoperation. At 18 months postoperatively, the patient did not develop any infection or a vascular necrosis, which are the major complications associated to talar extrusion.Good treatment procedure for a such severe open trauma, based on accurate debridement, wound care and stable temporary immobilization with external fixation allow reduction of infection risk and made preservation of extruded talus a successful option to preserve function and normal hindfoot anatomy at first instance. Talectomy should be considered as a salvage procedure.