Transverse spin relaxation in liquid 129Xe in the presence of large dipolar fields.

Research paper by M V MV Romalis, M P MP Ledbetter

Indexed on: 11 Aug '01Published on: 11 Aug '01Published in: Physical review letters


Using spin-echo NMR techniques we study the transverse spin relaxation of hyperpolarized liquid 129Xe in a spherical cell. We observe an instability of the transverse magnetization due to dipolar fields produced by liquid 129Xe, and find that imperfections in the pi pulses of the spin-echo sequence suppress this instability. A simple perturbative model of this effect is in good agreement with the data. We obtain a transverse spin relaxation time of 1300 sec in liquid 129Xe, and discuss applications of hyperpolarized liquid 129Xe as a sensitive magnetic gradiometer and for a permanent electric dipole moment search.