Transmission mode ion/ion reactions in the radiofrequency-only ion guide of hybrid tandem mass spectrometers.

Research paper by Joshua F JF Emory, Kerry H KH Hassell, Frank A FA Londry, Scott A SA McLuckey

Indexed on: 07 Jan '09Published on: 07 Jan '09Published in: Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry


Transmission mode ion/ion reactions have been performed within the first quadrupole, the Q0 radiofrequency (RF)-only quadrupole, of two types of hybrid tandem mass spectrometers (viz., triple quadrupole/linear ion trap and QqTOF instruments). These transmission mode reactions involved the storage of either the reagent species and the transmission of the analyte species through the Q0 quadrupole for charge inversion reactions or the storage of the analyte ions and transmission of the reagent ions as in charge reduction experiments. A key advantage to the use of transmission mode ion/ion reactions is that they do not require any instrument hardware modifications to provide interactions of oppositely charged ions and can be implemented in any instrument that contains a quadrupole or linear ion trap. The focus of this work was to investigate the potential of using the RF-only quadrupole ion guide positioned prior to the first mass-resolving element in a tandem mass spectrometer for ion/ion reactions. Two types of exemplary experiments have been demonstrated. One involved a charge inversion reaction and the other involved a charge reduction reaction in conjunction with ion parking. Ion/ion reactions proved to be readily implemented in Q0 thereby adding significantly greater experimental flexibility in the use of ion/ion reaction experiments with hybrid tandem mass spectrometers.