Translocation of c-abl oncogene and PDGFB (c-sis) gene in a case of CML with 46, XY, t(22;22)

Research paper by G. Gradl, H. Tesch, G. Schwieder, T. Wagner, C. Fonatsch

Indexed on: 01 Jun '89Published on: 01 Jun '89Published in: Annals of Hematology


In a case of CML with a variant Philadelphia translocation (Ph1 or Ph) t (22;22) (q11;q13) in bone marrow cells and unstimulated peripheral blood cells, no cytogenetically detectable involvement of chromosome 9 was observed. Southern blot experiments using probes specific for bcr and c-sis however revealed rearrangement of the bcr, but not of PDGFB (c-sis) gene. Northern blot analysis of bone marrow RNA showed a very weak signal with the c-sis probe, while in a lymph-node biopsy PDGFB m-RNA could not be detected. Chromosomal in situ hybridization gave evidence for translocation of c-abl from chromosome 9 to Ph and of PDGFB from chromosome 22 to chromosome 9, as the result of a threefold translocation t(9;22;22).