Transition of the CdS disordered structure to the wurtzite structure with an increase in the nanoparticle size

Research paper by A. S. Vorokh, N. S. Kozhevnikova, A. A. Rempel

Indexed on: 09 Nov '08Published on: 09 Nov '08Published in: Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics


The dependence of the structure of cadmium sulfide nanoparticles on their size has been established for nanopowders and thin films. Nanoparticles from 3 to 8 nm in size have a disordered close-packed structure, characterized by the absence of periodic sequence of packing planes. Particles more than 14 nm in size have wurtzite structure, which is typical of bulk cadmium sulfide. The size of the disordered-phase particles was determined from the Scherrer-Debye formula. The size of wurtzite-phase particles was determined by the Williamson-Hall method.