Transient exchange fluctuation theorems for heat using Hamiltonian framework: Classical and Quantum

Research paper by P. S. Pal, Sourabh Lahiri, A. M. Jayannavar

Indexed on: 21 Aug '16Published on: 21 Aug '16Published in: arXiv - Physics - Statistical Mechanics


We investigate the statistics of heat exchange between a finite system coupled to reservoir(s). We have obtained analytical results for heat fluctuation theorem in the transient regime considering the Hamiltonian dynamics of the composite system consisting of the system of interest and the heat bath(s). The system of interest is driven by an external protocol. We first derive it in the context of a single heat bath. The result is in exact agreement with known result. We then generalize the treatment to two heat baths. We further extend the study to quantum systems and show that relations similar to the classical case hold in the quantum regime. For our study we invoke von Neumann two point projective measurement in quantum mechanics in the transient regime. Our result is a generalisation of Jarzynski-W$\grave{o}$jcik heat fluctuation theorem.