Transformations of acrylonitrile under conditions for synthesis of sym-triazines from aliphatic nitriles at high pressures

Research paper by V. M. Zhulin, S. I. Volchek

Indexed on: 01 Aug '77Published on: 01 Aug '77Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


An equimolar mixture of acrylonitrile and methanol, in the presence of 1% of diethylamine, at high pressure (4000–12,000 kgf/cm2), reacts to give mainly β-methoxypropionitrile; at atmospheric pressure this reaction proceeds slowly.At a pressure of 12,000–14,000 kgf/cm2 the methanol adds to β-methoxypropionitrile to give the methyl ester of β-methoxyiminopropionic acid.A polymer is obtained from an equimolar mixture of acrylonitrile and methanol at a pressure of 14,000 kgf/cm2, predominantly via condensation that involves themethyl ester of β-methoxyiminopropionic acid.