Transferring arbitrary d-dimensional quantum states of a superconducting qudit in circuit QED

Research paper by Tong Liu, Qi-Ping Su, Jin-Hu Yang, Yu Zhang, Shao-Jie Xiong, Jin-Ming Liu, Chui-Ping Yang

Indexed on: 19 Oct '16Published on: 19 Oct '16Published in: arXiv - Quantum Physics


A qudit ($d$-level quantum systems) has a large Hilbert space and thus can be used to achieve many quantum information and communication tasks. Here, we propose a method to transfer arbitrary $d$-dimensional quantum states (known or unknown) between two superconducting qudits coupled to a single cavity. The state transfer can be performed fast because of employing resonant interactions only. In addition, quantum states can be deterministically transferred without measurement. Numerical simulations show that high-fidelity transfer of quantum states between two superconducting transmon qudits ($d\leq5$) is feasible with current circuit QED technology. This proposal is quite general and can be applied to accomplish the same task with various superconducting qudits, quantum dots, or natural atoms coupled to a cavity or resonator.