Transdimensional Bayesian Seismic Ambient Noise Tomography across SE Tibet

Research paper by DingChang Zheng, Erdinc Saygin, Phil Cummins, Zengxi Ge, Zhaoxu Min, Athanasius Cipta, Runhai Yang

Indexed on: 09 Nov '16Published on: 07 Nov '16Published in: Journal of Asian Earth Sciences


We analyze seismic ambient noise data recorded at a set of permanent and temporary stations across southeastern Tibet to image crustal structure. High-resolution phase velocity maps are presented based on Transdimensional Bayesian Seismic Ambient Noise Tomography. Seismic images exhibit more apparent horizontal heterogeneities and show more detailed information compared to previous studies based on traditional ambient noise tomography. As noted from the phase velocity image at 25 s, the rigid high velocity anomalies beneath the Sichuan Basin and the South China Fold System act as a blockage to crustal material expansion, and the distribution of velocity anomalies contributes to the interpretation of a surface clockwise rotation pattern. Our results imply a more complex distributed low-velocity zone rather than two isolated channels beneath SE Tibet.

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