TPX: Biomedical literature search made easy.

Research paper by Thomas T Joseph, Vangala G VG Saipradeep, Ganesh Sekar Venkat GS Raghavan, Rajgopal R Srinivasan, Aditya A Rao, Sujatha S Kotte, Naveen N Sivadasan

Indexed on: 26 Jul '12Published on: 26 Jul '12Published in: Bioinformation


TPX is a web-based PubMed search enhancement tool that enables faster article searching using analysis and exploration features. These features include identification of relevant biomedical concepts from search results with linkouts to source databases, concept based article categorization, concept assisted search and filtering, query refinement. A distinguishing feature here is the ability to add user-defined concept names and/or concept types for named entity recognition. The tool allows contextual exploration of knowledge sources by providing concept association maps derived from the MEDLINE repository. It also has a full-text search mode that can be configured on request to access local text repositories, incorporating entity co-occurrence search at sentence/paragraph levels. Local text files can also be analyzed on-the-fly.http://tpx.atc.tcs.com

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