Towards Intelligent Semantic Caching for Web Sources

Research paper by Dongwon Lee, Wesley W. Chu

Indexed on: 01 Nov '01Published on: 01 Nov '01Published in: Journal of Intelligent Information Systems


An intelligent semantic caching scheme suitable for web sources is presented. Since web sources typically have weaker querying capabilities than conventional databases, existing semantic caching schemes cannot be directly applied. Our proposal takes care of the difference between the query capabilities of an end user system and web sources. In addition, an analysis on the match types between a user's input query and cached queries is presented. Based on this analysis, we present an algorithm that finds the best matched query under different circumstances. Furthermore, a method to use semantic knowledge, acquired from the data, to avoid unnecessary access to web sources by transforming the cache miss to the cache hit is presented. To verify the effectiveness of the proposed semantic caching scheme, we first show how to generate synthetic queries exhibiting different levels of semantic localities. Then, using the test sets, we show that the proposed query matching technique is an efficient and effective way for semantic caching in web databases.