Haibo Yi, Zhe Nie


Secure storage devices are a good example of the Internet of Things (IoTs), which require secure access control mechanisms via using the prominent pubic key cryptographic systems, e.g. RSA, ECC and related systems. However, quantum computer is in a position to attack RSA, ECC and other signature algorithms adopted by many storage devices. Therefore, storage security is facing severe threats. In this paper, an efficient hardware architecture based on multivariate scheme for storage devices is proposed. Multivariate scheme belongs to multivariate public key cryptography (MPKC), which uses affine transformations and central map transformations during cryptographic operations. The advantage of adopting multivariate scheme is that multivariate scheme is immune to quantum computer attack. The efficient hardware architecture is composed of processor module, cryptographic module, storage module, display module, power module, keyboard module, export module and terminal module (off-chip). We implement the hardware architecture on the methodology of TSMC-0.18 μm standard cell CMOS Application Specific Integrated Circuit. The implementation results show that the architecture based on multivariate scheme is very efficient and well suit for storage devices.