Towards BioDBcore: a community-defined information specification for biological databases.

Research paper by Pascale P Gaudet, Amos A Bairoch, Dawn D Field, Susanna-Assunta SA Sansone, Chris C Taylor, Teresa K TK Attwood, Alex A Bateman, Judith A JA Blake, Carol J CJ Bult, J Michael JM Cherry, Rex L RL Chisholm, Guy G Cochrane, Charles E CE Cook, Janan T JT Eppig, Michael Y MY Galperin, et al.

Indexed on: 26 Nov '10Published on: 26 Nov '10Published in: Nucleic acids research


The present article proposes the adoption of a community-defined, uniform, generic description of the core attributes of biological databases, BioDBCore. The goals of these attributes are to provide a general overview of the database landscape, to encourage consistency and interoperability between resources and to promote the use of semantic and syntactic standards. BioDBCore will make it easier for users to evaluate the scope and relevance of available resources. This new resource will increase the collective impact of the information present in biological databases.