Towards 1/N corrections to deep inelastic scattering from the gauge/gravity duality

Research paper by David Jorrin, Nicolas Kovensky, Martin Schvellinger

Indexed on: 07 Jan '16Published on: 07 Jan '16Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


$1/N^2$ corrections to deep inelastic scattering (DIS) of charged leptons from glueballs at strong coupling are investigated in the framework of the gauge/gravity duality. The structure functions $F_1$ and $F_2$ (and also $F_L$) are studied at subleading order in the $1/N^2$ expansion, in terms of $q^2$ and the Bjorken parameter $x$. The relevant type IIB supergravity one-loop diagrams (which correspond to DIS with two-hadron final states) are studied in detail, while $n$-loop diagrams (corresponding to DIS with $(n+1)$-hadron final states) are briefly discussed. The $1/N^{2n}$ and $\Lambda^2/q^2$ dependence of the structure functions is analyzed. Within this context two very different limits are considered: one is the large $N$ limit and the other one is when the virtual photon momentum transfer $q$ is much larger than the infrared confining scale $\Lambda$. These limits do not commute.