Tourette's syndrome with cervical disc herniation.

Research paper by Jainn-Jim JJ Lin, Huei-Shyong HS Wang, Mun-Ching MC Wong, Chieh-Tsai CT Wu, Kuang-Lin KL Lin

Indexed on: 26 Dec '06Published on: 26 Dec '06Published in: Brain & Development


Tourette's syndrome is manifested in a broad spectrum of motor, vocal, and behavioral disturbances. Movement disorders, such as tics, may contribute to the development of cervical myelopathy owing to the effects of involuntary movements on the neck. However, the association of cervical myelopathy with motor tics of the head and neck is rare. We report here a case of a violent, repetitive neck extension due to Tourette's syndrome that developed cervical myelopathy caused by cervical disc herniation.