Total synthesis of the cyclopeptide alkaloid paliurine E. insights into macrocyclization by ene--enamide RCM.

Research paper by Mathieu M Toumi, François F Couty, Gwilherm G Evano

Indexed on: 22 Jan '08Published on: 22 Jan '08Published in: Journal of Organic Chemistry


The total synthesis of (-)-paliurine E is described in 14 steps and 11% overall yield. The first successful application of ene--enamide ring-closing metathesis for macrocyclization serves as the foundation for this synthesis and allowed for a straightforward installation of the challenging cyclic enamide together with the macrocycle. In the course of these synthetic studies, we also found that very subtle and minor structural modification of the enamide resulted in dramatic and unexpected changes of their reactivity since a primary amide or an aromatic aldehyde can be obtained after reaction with Grubbs' second-generation catalyst. Further insights on the macrocyclization by ene--enamide RCM are also discussed.