Total synthesis and biological evaluation of the marine bromopyrrole alkaloid dispyrin: elucidation of discrete molecular targets with therapeutic potential.

Research paper by J Phillip JP Kennedy, John T JT Brogan, Craig W CW Lindsley

Indexed on: 20 Sep '08Published on: 20 Sep '08Published in: Journal of Natural Products


The first total synthesis of dispyrin, a recently reported bromopyrrole alkaloid from Agelas dispar with an unprecedented bromopyrrole tyramine motif, was achieved in three steps on a gram scale (68.4% overall). No biological activity was reported for dispyrin, so we evaluated synthetic dispyrin against>200 discrete molecular targets in radioligand binding and functional assays. Unlike most marine natural products, dispyrin (1) possesses no antibacterial or anticancer activity, but was found to be a potent ligand and antagonist of several therapeutically relevant GPCRs, the alpha1D and alpha2A adrenergic receptors and the H2 and H3 histamine receptors.