Total rainbow connection of digraphs

Research paper by Hui Lei, Henry Liu, Colton Magnant, Yongtang Shi

Indexed on: 16 Jan '17Published on: 16 Jan '17Published in: arXiv - Mathematics - Combinatorics


An edge-coloured path is rainbow if its edges have distinct colours. For a connected graph $G$, the rainbow connection number (resp. strong rainbow connection number) of $G$ is the minimum number of colours required to colour the edges of $G$ so that, any two vertices of $G$ are connected by a rainbow path (resp. rainbow geodesic). These two graph parameters were introduced by Chartrand, Johns, McKeon and Zhang in 2008. Krivelevich and Yuster generalised this concept to the vertex-coloured setting. Similarly, Liu, Mestre and Sousa introduced the version which involves total-colourings. Dorbec, Schiermeyer, Sidorowicz and Sopena extended the concept of the rainbow connection to digraphs. In this paper, we consider the (strong) total rainbow connection number of digraphs. Results on the (strong) total rainbow connection number of biorientations of graphs, tournaments and cactus digraphs are presented.