Total chemical synthesis of the B1 domain of protein L from Peptostreptococcus magnus.

Research paper by Xiaoye X Yang, Michael C MC Fitzgerald

Indexed on: 13 May '06Published on: 13 May '06Published in: Bioorganic Chemistry


Reported here is a native chemical ligation strategy for the total chemical synthesis of the B1 domain of protein L. A synthetic construct of this 76 amino acid protein domain was prepared by the chemoselective ligation of two unprotected polypeptide fragments, one containing an N-terminal cysteine residue and one containing a C-terminal thioester moiety. The polypeptide fragments utilized in the ligation reaction were readily prepared by stepwise solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) methods for Boc-chemistry. The milligram quantities of protein required for conventional biophysical studies were readily accessible using the synthetic protocol described here. The folding properties of the synthetic protein L construct were also determined and found to be very similar to those of a similar wild-type protein L constructs prepared by recombinant-DNA methods. This work facilitates future unnatural amino acid mutagenesis experiments on this model protein system to further dissect the molecular basis of its folding and stability.