Toroidal and Klein bottle boundary slopes

Research paper by Luis G. Valdez-Sanchez

Indexed on: 17 Feb '06Published on: 17 Feb '06Published in: Mathematics - Geometric Topology


Let M be a compact, connected, orientable, irreducible 3-manifold and T' an incompressible torus boundary component of M such that the pair (M,T') is not cabled. By a result of C. Gordon, if S and T are incompressible punctured tori in M with boundary on T' and boundary slopes at distance d, then d is at most 8, and the cases where d=6,7,8 are very few and classified. We give a simplified proof of this result (or rather, of its reduction process), based on an improved estimate for the maximum possible number of mutually parallel negative edges in the graphs of intersection of S and T. We also extend Gordon's result by allowing either S or T to be an essential Klein bottle. to the case where S or T is a punctured essential Klein bottle.