Toric implantable collamer lens for keratoconus.

Research paper by Mathew Kurian MK Kummelil, M S MS Hemamalini, Ridhima R Bhagali, Koushik K Sargod, Somshekar S Nagappa, Rohit R Shetty, Bhujang K BK Shetty

Indexed on: 09 Aug '13Published on: 09 Aug '13Published in: Indian journal of ophthalmology


Keratoconus is a progressive non-inflammatory thinning of the cornea that induces myopia and irregular astigmatism and decreases the quality of vision due to monocular diplopia, halos, or ghost images. Keratoconus patients unfit for corneal procedures and intolerant to refractive correction by spectacles or contact lenses have been implanted toric posterior chamber phakic intraocular lenses (PC pIOLs) alone or combined with other surgical procedures to correct the refractive errors associated with keratoconus as an off label procedure with special informed consent from the patients. Several reports attest to the safety and efficacy of the procedure, though the associated corneal higher order aberrations would have an impact on the final visual quality.