Topology based placement of multicast capable nodes for supporting efficient multicast communication in WDM optical networks

Research paper by Abdur Billah, Bin Wang, Abdul A. S. Awwal

Indexed on: 05 Oct '06Published on: 05 Oct '06Published in: Photonic Network Communications


Most existing algorithms for the problem of optical signal splitter placement or multicast splitting-capable node placement in a WDM network are based on the performance of attempting a large set of randomly generated multicast sessions in the network. Experiments show that placement of multicast capable nodes based on their importance for routing one set of multicast sessions may not be a right choice for another set of multicast sessions. In this work, we propose placement algorithms that are based on network topology and the relative importance of a node in routing multicast sessions, which is measured by our proposed metrics. Since a network topology is fixed once given, the proposed algorithms are essentially network traffic independent. We evaluate the proposed placement algorithms given static sets of multicast sessions as well as under dynamic traffic conditions, which are routed using our splitter constrained multicast routing algorithm. Our results show that the proposed algorithms perform better, compared to existing algorithms.