Topological superconductor to Anderson localization transition in one-dimensional incommensurate lattices.

Research paper by Xiaoming X Cai, Li-Jun LJ Lang, Shu S Chen, Yupeng Y Wang

Indexed on: 18 May '13Published on: 18 May '13Published in: Physical review letters


We study the competition of disorder and superconductivity for a one-dimensional p-wave superconductor in incommensurate potentials. With the increase in the strength of the incommensurate potential, the system undergoes a transition from a topological superconducting phase to a topologically trivial localized phase. The phase boundary is determined both numerically and analytically from various aspects and the topological superconducting phase is characterized by the presence of Majorana edge fermions in the system with open boundary conditions. We also calculate the topological Z2 invariant of the bulk system and find it can be used to distinguish the different topological phases even for a disordered system.