Topic-based ranking in Folksonomy via probabilistic model

Research paper by Yan’an Jin, Ruixuan Li, Kunmei Wen, Xiwu Gu, Fei Xiao

Indexed on: 09 Feb '11Published on: 09 Feb '11Published in: Artificial Intelligence Review


Social tagging is an increasingly popular way to describe and classify documents on the web. However, the quality of the tags varies considerably since the tags are authored freely. How to rate the tags becomes an important issue. Most social tagging systems order tags just according to the input sequence with little information about the importance and relevance. This limits the applications of tags such as information search, tag recommendation, and so on. In this paper, we pay attention to finding the authority score of tags in the whole tag space conditional on topics and put forward a topic-sensitive tag ranking (TSTR) approach to rank tags automatically according to their topic relevance. We first extract topics from folksonomy using a probabilistic model, and then construct a transition probability graph. Finally, we perform random walk over the topic level on the graph to get topic rank scores of tags. Experimental results show that the proposed tag ranking method is both effective and efficient. We also apply tag ranking into tag recommendation, which demonstrates that the proposed tag ranking approach really boosts the performances of social-tagging related applications.