Tool and method for machining workpieces

Imported: 24 Feb '17 | Published: 13 Jan '04

Dieter Kress, Friedrich Häberle

USPTO - Utility Patents


A tool for machining workpieces, having at least one cutting edge which is fastened to a main body of the tool. A respective deburring device removes the burrs produced by each cutting edge during machining. The deburring device is supported at the main body near the cutting edge and is movable by an actuatable piston between a retracted storage position in the tool body and an extended active position out of the tool body for deburring after surface machining.



FIG. 1 is a diagrammatic view of a tool in plan view, namely of its end face;

FIG. 2 is a view of the tool in FIG. 1, in partial section;

FIG. 3 is a detail of the tool, particularly a deburring device, in a first functional position,

FIG. 4 is a view like FIG. 3 showing the deburring device in a second functional position, and

FIG. 4A is a view as in FIG. 4 showing an electromechanical actuation.


1. A tool for machining a workpiece comprising:

2. A tool for machining and deburring a workpiece, comprising:

3. The tool of claim 1, wherein the deburring device comprises at least one deburring tool at the main body.

4. The device of claim 1, wherein the deburring device comprises a wire brush.

5. The tool of claim 4, wherein the wire brush is comprised of bristles having an abrasion resistant coating thereon.

6. The tool of claim 2, wherein the position of the cutting edge on the operating end of the tool is also adjustable.

7. A tool for machining a workpiece comprising:

8. The tool of claim 7, wherein the actuating device comprises an actuating piston which is driven to move with respect to the body of the tool.

9. The tool of claim 8, wherein the deburring device is supported on the actuating piston to be moved as the piston is moved.

10. A tool for machining a workpiece comprising:

11. The tool of claim 6, further comprising a plurality of the cutting edges disposed around the tool, and the tool being rotatable for rotating the cutting edges over the surface to be machined.

12. A tool for machining a workpiece comprising:

13. The tool of claim 12, further comprising a respective activation device connected with each of the deburring tools for selectively activating the deburring tool between the active and inactive positions thereof.

14. The tool of claim 13, where each of the activation devices comprises a respective pneumatically activated piston connected with the deburring device for moving the deburring device between the active and inactive positions thereof.

15. The tool of claim 14, further comprising a pneumatic pressure supply to each of the pistons.

16. The tool of claim 11, further comprising a respective one of the deburring tools associated with each of the cutting edges and a respective receptacle in the tool main body for each of the deburring tools;

17. The tool of claim 16, further comprising a pneumatic or hydraulic connection to each of the actuating devices for selectively activating all of the actuating devices together between the retracted and extended positions thereof.