TiO2 Supported Nano-Au Catalysts Prepared Via Solvated Metal Atom Impregnation for Low–Temperature CO Oxidation

Research paper by Shi-Hua Wu, Xiu-Cheng Zheng, Shu-Rong Wang, Dong-Zhan Han, Wei-Ping Huang, Shou-Min Zhang

Indexed on: 01 Jul '04Published on: 01 Jul '04Published in: Catalysis Letters


TiO2 supported nano-Au catalysts were prepared by solvated metal atom impregnation (SMAI) method. The catalysts were characterized by means of AAS, TPD, H2 reduction desorption (H2-RD), XRD, TEM, XPS and tested for low-temperature CO oxidation. XRD and TEM results showed that the pretreatment temperature had an influence on the particle size of Au/ TiO2 catalysts. The average particle size increased with the increase in pretreatment temperature. XPS indicated that gold in the catalysts was presented in the form of metallic state clusters. Catalytic studies showed these catalysts were very active and stable in low-temperature CO oxidation. The CO oxidation activity of the catalysts increased as the Au particle size decreased. The measurement results of AAS, TPD and H2-RD revealed that there were some organic fragments on the surface of Au particles which might be responsible for the high stability of the Au/TiO2 catalysts.