Time-dependent propagation speed vs strong damping for degenerate linear hyperbolic equations

Research paper by Marina Ghisi, Massimo Gobbino

Indexed on: 09 Oct '17Published on: 09 Oct '17Published in: arXiv - Mathematics - Analysis of PDEs


We consider a degenerate abstract wave equation with a time-dependent propagation speed. We investigate the influence of a strong dissipation, namely a friction term that depends on a power of the elastic operator. We discover a threshold effect. If the propagation speed is regular enough, then the damping prevails, and therefore the initial value problem is well-posed in Sobolev spaces. Solutions also exhibit a regularizing effect analogous to parabolic problems. As expected, the stronger is the damping, the lower is the required regularity. On the contrary, if the propagation speed is not regular enough, there are examples where the damping is ineffective, and the dissipative equation behaves as the non-dissipative one.