Through-bond correlation of sugar and base protons in unlabeled nucleic acids.

Research paper by A T AT Phan

Indexed on: 13 Dec '01Published on: 13 Dec '01Published in: Journal of Magnetic Resonance


This work presents two methods for through-bond correlation between sugar and base protons in view of model-independent assignment in unlabeled or slightly enriched nucleic acids. Each method uses a combination of multiple-bond and one-bond heteronuclear J-couplings to the aromatic carbon C6 for pyrimidines ((3)J(H1',C6) and (1)J(H6,C6)) or C8 for purines ((3)J(H1',C8) and (1)J(H8,C8)). The techniques are demonstrated in the duplex [d(CGCGAATTCGCG)](2) and the dimeric G-quadruplex [d(GGGTTCAGG)](2) at natural abundance.