Three-dimensional wavelet-based multifractal method: the need for revisiting the multifractal description of turbulence dissipation data.

Research paper by Pierre P Kestener, Alain A Arneodo

Indexed on: 13 Nov '03Published on: 13 Nov '03Published in: Physical review letters


We generalize the wavelet transform modulus maxima (WTMM) method to multifractal analysis of 3D random fields. This method is calibrated on synthetic 3D monofractal fractional Brownian fields and on 3D multifractal singular cascade measures as well as their random function counterpart obtained by fractional integration. Then we apply the 3D WTMM method to the dissipation field issued from 3D isotropic turbulence simulations. We comment on the need to revisit previous box-counting analyses which have failed to estimate correctly the corresponding multifractal spectra because of their intrinsic inability to master nonconservative singular cascade measures.