Thermal Properties of Cis-1,4-Poly(butadiene)

Research paper by G. Janowska, L. Ślusarski

Indexed on: 01 Jul '01Published on: 01 Jul '01Published in: Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry


Thermal properties of cis-1,4-poly(butadiene), Europrene cis, were investigated by means of thermal analysis and complementary methods. Thermal analysis of polymer was carried out both in air and inert atmosphere with a derivatgraph, DSC and internal TG-FTIR coupling system as well as internal TG, DTA-MS coupling system. It was found that investigations in air atmosphere the method of the sample preparation ofcis-1,4-poly(butadiene) influences the results of thermal analysis, which is connected with the rate oxygen diffusion into the reaction zone. Taking into consideration both the method of the sample preparing and atmosphere of thermal studies, the values of activation energy of destruction of cis-1,4-poly(butadiene) were determined. Using TG-FTIR and TG-MS methods, some products of thermal destruction of elastomer were determined.