Thermal measurement and modeling of multi-die packages

Research paper by A. Poppe, Y. Zhang, J. Wilson, G. Farkas, P. Szabo, J. Parry

Indexed on: 12 Sep '07Published on: 12 Sep '07Published in: Physics - Materials Science


Thermal measurement and modeling of multi-die packages became a hot topic recently in different fields like RAM chip packaging or LEDs / LED assemblies, resulting in vertical (stacked) and lateral arrangement. In our present study we show results for a mixed arrangement: an opto-coupler device has been investigated with 4 chips in lateral as well as vertical arrangement. In this paper we give an overview of measurement and modeling techniques and results for stacked and MCM structures, describe our present measurement results together with our structure function based methodology of validating the detailed model of the package being studied. Also, we show how to derive junction-to-pin thermal resistances with a technique using structure functions.