Thermal expansion of irradiated polyvinyl chloride from 10 K to 340 K

Research paper by H. S. Jayanna, S. V. Subramanyam

Indexed on: 01 Jun '92Published on: 01 Jun '92Published in: Polymer Bulletin


The coefficient of thermal expansion is measured for irradiated Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) from 10K to 340K. The samples of PVC are irradiated, up to 500 Mrad in steps of 100 Mrad, in air at room temperature by using Co gamma rays with a dose rate of 0.3 Mrad/h. The PVC is an amorphous sample which is confirmed by X-ray diffraction. The coefficient of thermal expansion is found to decrease with radiation dose from 10K to 110K and it increaseswith radiation dose from 110K to 340K. The results are explained on the basis of radiation induced degradation of the sample.