Thermal analysis by EMF-measurements on solid electrolytes

Research paper by H. J. Seifert, G. Thiel

Indexed on: 01 Dec '82Published on: 01 Dec '82Published in: Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry


Galvanic cells of the type (C+Cl2)(NaCl(s))(MCl2(s))(C+Cl2) give e. m. f. 's above 280°, which are due to the formation of ternary chlorides NanMCln+2. By the change in slope of continuously measured e.m.f.vs. T curves, the temperatures of solid-state reactions in systems NaCl-MCl2 can be found. This method was applied for the systems of NaCl with NiCl2, CoCl2 and CdCl2, and for KCl-NiCl2. With the exception of the system NaCl-NiCl2, all phase diagrams must be corrected.