Therapists creating a cultural tapestry using the creative therapies across cultures by Stephanie L. Brooke and Charles E. Myers, Springfield, IL, Charles C Thomas Publishers, 2015, 344 pp., $62.95 (hardback), ISBN 978-0-398-08128-7 (hardback) ISBN 978-0-398-08129-4 (ebook)

Research paper by Sue Baines

Indexed on: 20 Dec '16Published on: 22 Nov '16Published in: Nordic journal of music therapy


Authors: Sue Baines Article URL: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/08098131.2016.1250806?ai=2e6&mi=47tg1r&af=R Citation: Nordic Journal of Music Therapy Publication Date: 2016-11-22T12:16:51Z Journal: Nordic Journal of Music Therapy