Therapeutic microparticles functionalized with biomimetic cardiac stem cell membranes and secretome.

Imported: 04 Jan '17 | Published: 04 Jan '17

Junnan J Tang, Deliang D Shen, Thomas George TG Caranasos, Zegen Z Wang, Adam C AC Vandergriff, Tyler A TA Allen, Michael Taylor MT Hensley, Phuong-Uyen PU Dinh, Jhon J Cores, Tao-Sheng TS Li, Jinying J Zhang, Quancheng Q Kan, Ke K Cheng

Nature communications

Abstract: Stem cell therapy represents a promising strategy in regenerative medicine. However, cells need to be carefully preserved and processed before usage. In addition, cell transplantation carries immunogenicity and/or tumourigenicity risks. Mounting lines of evidence indicate that stem cells exert their beneficial effects mainly through secretion (of regenerative factors) and membrane-based cell-cell interaction with the injured cells. Here, we fabricate a synthetic cell-mimicking microparticle (CMMP) that recapitulates stem cell functions in tissue repair. CMMPs carry similar... Read More

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