Theoretical examination of behavioural feedback in the application of teledietetics to weight reduction.

Research paper by Louisa My LM Chung, Shirley Sm SS Fong, Queenie Ps QP Law, Ada Ww AW Ma, Lina Py LP Chow, Joanne Wy JW Chung

Indexed on: 23 Jul '15Published on: 23 Jul '15Published in: Journal of telemedicine and telecare


Behavioural feedback can be attained through electronic self-monitoring with teledietetics. This study examined the theoretical framework of the theory of planned behaviour, which suggests that behavioural feedback contributes to the intention to initiate and maintain weight loss.A quasi-experiment involving adults aged 20-50 years with a body mass index greater than 23 kg/m(2) was conducted. The experimental group (EG) comprised 25 participants who used electronic dietary records for self-monitoring. The control group (CG) comprised 25 participants who used paper-format dietary records for self-monitoring. Data pertaining to the theory of planned behaviour were obtained using a self-administered questionnaire. After an initial measurement, each participant's body weight was measured again at Week 12 and at Week 24, following a 12-week observation period. Hierarchical regression analyses of planned behaviour components were conducted for each power to predict the participants' intentions to lose 10% of their body weight. Logistic regression analysis was performed to investigate the odds ratio of intention, perceived behavioural control (PBC) and the group effect (CG vs EG) for predicting the initiation and maintenance of 10% weight loss.At Week 12, the odds ratios for intention, the PBC and the group effect were 2.154, 0.330 and 0.654, respectively, and those at Week 24 were 3.255, 0.499 and 24.592, respectively. The group effect contributed significantly to weight-loss maintenance at Week 24.Behavioural feedback through electronic self-monitoring improved the intention to achieve weight-loss maintenance, which may indicate the importance of behaviour reflection in weight-loss maintenance.

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