The Use of the Monte Carlo Hamiltonian

Research paper by H. Kröger, X. Q. Luo, K. J. M. Moriarty

Indexed on: 13 Jan '03Published on: 13 Jan '03Published in: High Energy Physics - Lattice


In order to solve quantum field theory in a non-perturbative way, Lagrangian lattice simulations have been very successful. Here we discuss a recently proposed alternative Hamiltonian lattice formulation - the Monte Carlo Hamiltonian. In order to show its working in the case of the scalar $\Phi^{4}_{1+1}$ model, we have computed thermodynamic functions like free energy, average energy, entropy and specific heat. We find good agreement between the results from the Monte Carlo Hamiltonian and standard Lagrangian lattice computations. However, the Monte Carlo Hamiltonian results show less fluctuations under variation of temperature. We address properties of the MC Hamiltonian, like a finite temperature window, and scaling properties. Also we discuss possible future applications - like quantum chaos in many-body systems, the non-perturbative computation of wave functions of elementary particles, as well as scattering amplitudes in high energy physics.