The use of immobilized concanavalin a for the separation of alternansucrase from dextransucrase in culture broth ofLeuconostoc mesenteroides NRRL B-1355

Research paper by Gregory L. Cote

Indexed on: 01 Jan '92Published on: 01 Jan '92Published in: Biotechnology Techniques


Immobilized concanavalin A has been used to bind a polysaccharide-glucosyltransferase complex fromLeuconostoc mesenteroides NRRL B-1355, which is capable of synthesizing the unusual D-glucan alternan from sucrose. The dextransucrase present in culture fluid passes through a column of immobilized concanavalin A without binding, while the portion of alternansucrase that does bind is eluted using 1-O-methyl α-D-mannopyranoside.