The use of computed tomography to quantitate bone formation after distraction epiphysiolosis in the rabbit

Research paper by Peter M. Van Roermund, Bart M. Ter Haar Romeny, Gerard J. Schoonderwoert, Cees J. W. M. Brandt, S. Sijbrandij, Willem Renooij

Indexed on: 01 Jan '87Published on: 01 Jan '87Published in: Skeletal Radiology


A study of limb lengthening by distraction epiphysiolysis in the rabbit tibia is presented. For this purpose a special external distraction device was developed, which allowed 10 mm lengthening of the leg. Bone formation in the distraction zone was quantified by means of computed tomography. Cross-sectional scan planes at 1.5 mm separation revealed bone formation proceeding for several weeks after the end of the distraction period. A period of bone remodeling followed, resulting in the formation of a solid cortical structure, similar to the diaphysis, in the distraction zone.