The Top1 paradox: Friend and foe of the eukaryotic genome.

Research paper by Nayun N Kim, Sue S Jinks-Robertson

Indexed on: 24 Jun '17Published on: 24 Jun '17Published in: DNA Repair


Topoisomerases manage the torsional stress associated with the separation of DNA strands during transcription and DNA replication. Eukaryotic Topoisomerase I (Top1) is a Type IB enzyme that nicks and rejoins only one strand of duplex DNA, and it is especially important during transcription. By resolving transcription-associated torsional stress, Top1 reduces the accumulation of genome-destabilizing R-loops and non-B DNA structures. The DNA nicking activity of Top1, however, can also initiate genome instability in the form of illegitimate recombination, homologous recombination and mutagenesis. In this review, we focus on the diverse, and often opposing, roles of Top1 in regulating eukaryotic genome stability.