The thermal conductivity of propane

Research paper by R. C. Prasad, G. Wang, J. E. S. Venart

Indexed on: 01 Sep '89Published on: 01 Sep '89Published in: International Journal of Thermophysics


This paper presents thermal conductivity measurements of propane over the temperature range of 192–320 K, at pressures to 70 MPa, and densities to 15 mol · L−1, using a transient line-source instrument. The precision and reproducibility of the instrument are within ±0.5%. The measurements are estimated to be accurate to ±1.5%. A correlation of the present data, together with other available data in the range 110–580 K up to 70 MPa, including the anomalous critical region, is presented. This correlation of the over 800 data points is estimated to be accurate within ±7.5%.