The theory of the nutation for the rigid earth model at the second order

Research paper by Hiroshi Kinoshita, Jean Souchay

Indexed on: 01 Sep '90Published on: 01 Sep '90Published in: Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy


We perform a complete reconstruction of the series of the nutation for a rigid Earth model with the use of the very accurate theories ELP2000 and VSOP82 for the motion of the Moon and the planets respectively, in such a way that all the individual contributions up to 0.005 mas should be taken. This implies the introduction of the planetary effects, of the influence of second-order parts of the potential of the Earth (J3, triaxiality), and some improvements due to an extension of the theory at the second order. All this increase notably the number of coefficients to be taken in account, and modifies also in a significant way the value of some of them.