The TEM characterization of the lamellar structure of osteoporotic human trabecular bone.

Research paper by Matthew Aaron MA Rubin, Iwona I Jasiuk

Indexed on: 04 Oct '05Published on: 04 Oct '05Published in: Micron


The lamellar structure of osteoporotic human trabecular bone was characterized experimentally by means of transmission electron microscopy (TEM). More specifically, the TEM was used to determine if trabecular bone exhibits similar lamellar structural motifs as cortical bone by analyzing unmineralized, mineralized and demineralized bone, and to study the influence of the osteocyte network on the lamellar structure of osteoporotic trabecular bone. Comparison with normal trabecular bone is included. This paper summarizes partial results of a larger study, which addressed the characterization of the hierarchical structure of normal versus osteoporotic human trabecular bone [Rubin, M.A., 2001. Multiscale characterization of the ultrastructure of trabecular bone in osteoporotic and normal humans and in two inbred strains of mice. MS Thesis, Georgia Institute of Technology.] at several structural scales.