The synthesis of liquid crystalline lanthanide complexes and their magnetic birefringence

Research paper by Yu. G. Galyametdinov, G. I. Ivanova, A. V. Prosvirin, O. Kadkin

Indexed on: 01 Jun '94Published on: 01 Jun '94Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


Liquid crystalline complexes of the type [ML(LH)2](NO3)2, where LH=C7H15O-C6H3(OH)CH=N-C18H37 and M=Gd, Dy, and La, have been obtained. All of them exhibit the SA phase and have high magnetic birefringence constants due to the association of the complexes in solution. In the case of the dysprosium derivative, the effect is much stronger (four orders of magnitude greater than the usual value) because of the high magnetic anisotropy of the particles of the complex.