The synergistic effect of nanoporous AuPd alloy catalysts on highly chemoselective 1,4-hydrosilylation of conjugated cyclic enones.

Research paper by Qiang Q Chen, Shinya S Tanaka, Takeshi T Fujita, Luyang L Chen, Taketoshi T Minato, Yoshifumi Y Ishikawa, Mingwei M Chen, Naoki N Asao, Yoshinori Y Yamamoto, Tienan T Jin

Indexed on: 19 Feb '14Published on: 19 Feb '14Published in: Chemical Communications


The nanoporous AuPd (AuPdNPore) alloy catalyst showed superior chemoselectivity and high catalytic activity for the direct 1,4-hydrosilylation of the conjugated cyclic enones with hydrosilane in comparison with the monometallic nanoporous Au and Pd catalysts. The enhanced catalytic properties of AuPdNPore arise mainly from the nanoporous structure and the synergistic effect of the AuPd alloy.